Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Men are idiots. Women are crazy. Women are crazy because men are idiots.

I am looking forward to working a double on Friday so I don't have to do homework or have to be sitting in a class. I am taking 14 credit hours and working. blech. oh. I'm trying to do everything but my Biology homework. We have a test tomorrow and I'm not going to do very well. Luckily we get to drop our lowest test score. I'm having a hard time in Biology.

So I went out on a date last Saturday. It was awful. I wonder if he thought the date was as bad as I thought it was. This guy is shorter than I am, he had to tell me his good qualities, he chews (like Copenhagen) and swallows his spit! (ewwww), he drinks like there is no tomorrow, when he talks about his ex's he refers to them as "girls I had" which to mean he thought he owned them. He was trying to be profound and deep with me, but it was all stuff I had thought about when I was 19 and he's 30! He's been married and has two kids that he has no contact with, which bothers me, a lot. He's been to jail, twice, both times for assault. And we didn't talk about him that much. Oh yes, and then he was talking to me about compromise in a marriage and this was his example: He wants dinner on the table when he gets home, the dishes done, the kids in bed and his wife sitting on the couch naked, but if he gets home and dinners on the table, the kids are still up, the dishes are done and the wife is half dressed, he's okay with that. WTF? All he wanted to talk about was sex, I would change the subject and he always found somehow to talk about sex. sheesh. what a dumbass.

I hate dating, but I have to date to meet a good guy, right? On a dates I've been on since Josh, and there have been a few, I always get sick of the guy after a few hours. Right now it seems almost impossible that I'm going to meet a guy that I can stand for more than a few hours. I wonder what it's like to meet someone I actually want to go on a second date with.