Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I though College was supposed to be different from High School

I was showing my mom the pictures from my Hawai'ian vacation and she wanted to know why I have this as the wall paper on my computer:

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I just laughed. I asked her why she thinks I have that picture up.

People are talking about me. I don't know why. One girl went up to the guy I sit next to in Psych and told him that I'm crazy. I find it strange that she thinks about enough outside of school to talk about me. I'm dying to know why I'm crazy. I'm not going to ask, but wondering all the say.

Some lady at my mom's church told her that I argue with my Biology teacher. (which I have never done) This lady isn't even in my class. weird. I didn't think I was that interesting.

This girl in my English class doesn't like me because I'm vocal about my thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We discuss a lot of things in class and we always have a different view. I want to know where she's coming from, and I ask why she thinks what she does, and she gets flustered and shuts down. Why is that my fault?