Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Future Is Just Another Now (so get your shit done today)

My life is in total disarray. My purse is unorganized, my bedroom looks like a bomb exploded, and my bathroom is messy (and probably a little dirty too). The house I am living in is in permnant crazy mode.

I have 3 days left at work. 7 days until Hawai'i. 21 days until school starts. I have to pack, do laundry, throw stuff away from my storage unit, move chairs, tables, dressers, and too many clothes. Oh, and all of my 18 plants. I've got to pack for Hawai'i, buy books for school, and find a new job. My truck still hasn't sold. I have no idea how much time school work is going to take, so I can't estimate how many hours to work at a new job. Packing, did I mention packing? I am broke and I need spending money for Hawai'i, I have to pay for my books. Gas, my truck the gas guzzler........